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teaching artists

At ASC, we are committed to offering professional actors, skilled in the performance of Shakespeare, the chance to share their expertise and insight with students and teaching professionals throughout the education system. We believe trained, professional artists can make special, sometimes magical, connections with young people that contribute knowledge, motivation, and inspiration to growing students and artists. Our Teaching Artists are professional actors and educators who undergo extensive training to prepare them to create inclusive, playful classroom environments that challenge students and teachers to fearlessly engage with Shakespeare’s poetry, ideas and passion.

2019-2020 Teaching Artists

  • Adam King

  • Alex Pica

  • Amanda Lindsey McDonald

  • Andrew Houchins

  • Brock Kercher

  • Cameryn Richardson

  • Dani Herd

  • Eric Lang

  • Gabi Anderson

  • Jacob McKee

  • Jake West 

  • Joshua Goodridge

  • Kati Grace Brown

  • Kenneth Wigley

  • Kirsten Chervenak

  • Kirstin Calvert

  • Laura Cole

  • Mary Ruth Ralston

  • O’Neil Delapena

  • Patrick Galletta 

  • Ryan Vo

  • Sean Kelley

  • Tony Brown

Our Teaching Artists are all  professional actors, the majority of whom have performed on the Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse stage.  See them in action here: