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Our professional Teaching Artists are eager to lead students in explorations of Shakespeare’s famous plays during after-school Residencies and customizable in-class workshop series.  



A Residency is an eight-week, language-based exploration of a Shakespeare play culminating in a full production. A team of trained Teaching Artists and professional actors from The Atlanta Shakespeare Company (ASC) direct the Residency. Our Teaching Artists are trained to work with a cast and crew of interested students, usually numbering 30-50, in addition to the larger school community. We will determine what you want the outcome of the Residency to achieve and tailor our program to meet your school’s goals.

At the end of the Residency, the school community gathers to watch the finished product — a performance at your school. A performance on the Tavern stage is also possible, depending on scheduling.

The intensity and length of an ASC Residency can be modified to suit any age group—from elementary school through high school.

Students participating in the Residency can receive training in:

  • Stage combat, stagecraft, warm-up techniques

  • Acting, dance and voice work, and stage movement

  • Costume, makeup, lighting, and props/set design and construction

  • Backstage management, publicity and program/poster design

  • Dramaturgy, scholarship and research skills

Master Classes, taught by ASC Teaching Artists, are available in:

  • Stage combat

  • Elizabethan dance

  • Shakespeare’s text in performance

  • Stage management, stage craft and design

  • Sound sculpture/effects, music and additional skills

  • Master classes can be opened to anyone in the school community, including parents, as well as the cast and crew of the show.

Keystones of the Residency are:

  • Inclusiveness and participation for everyone

  • Creativity and a high level of polish in performance

  • A commitment to the over-all scholarship required when producing and performing Shakespeare

Participation in the Residency will build:

  • Team work and time management skills

  • A sense of commitment and passion for a greater, creative good

  • Greater clarity and confidence in self-expression

  • Enhanced empathetic listening skills

  • Self-esteem and life-skills that can lead to future success in college and the greater world

 For more information or to schedule a Residency, please contact Associate Director of Education Sales, Kati Grace Brown:

Design Your Own Shakespeare Classroom!

Nothing helps students forge personal connections to Shakespeare’s poetry quite so well as the chance to explore his words on stage. If you would like to provide your students a deeper experience with Shakespearean drama than a one-hour Playshop might afford, we can help. Our customizable Shakespeare Performance Residency program can meet your classroom needs and budget.

Our Shakespeare Performance Residencies come in all shapes and sizes, but every Residency allows your students to explore Shakespeare’s text and the dramatic arts through individualized instruction from actors/trained teaching artists. Most teachers and schools request that a Residency culminate in a final performance, but the program goals are entirely up to you!

Our Teaching Artists work with you to design Residencies. Some recent examples include:

  • 1 class period per week for 10 weeks, with mini-scene and monologue performance for the school.

  • An intensive 2-week Shakespeare elective academic course during special winter term semester.

  • A focused Shakespeare curriculum with in-class time 2 or 3 days per week throughout the semester and a final performance for family and students.

  • The Renaissance Youth Residency: an intensive 8-week Residency model with up to fifty students meeting each day after school to rehearse and receive training in Shakespearean text, stage combat, madrigal singing and more. This model finishes with students performing a costumed Shakespeare play both in school and on our professional stage.

For more information or to schedule a Residency, please contact Associate Director of Education Sales, Kati Grace Brown at