homeschool programs

We invite homeschool students to join our Teaching Artists for day-long Shakesploration Days and week-long homeschool camps at the Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse.

Shakesploration Days

On select Fridays each month, we welcome homeschool families and small school groups of fifteen students or fewer to the Shakespeare Tavern Playhouse to engage in the following activities:

  • Explore a Shakespeare play alongside our professional teaching artists during an interactive Playshop

  • Watch a special in-house performance of one of our touring productions

  • Participate in a Question & Answer session with our actors

  • Experience a guided backstage tour of our available theatre spaces.


The 2019-2020 Shakesploration Day Schedule

Friday September 13, 2019 Journey’s End performance and Playwriting workshop

Reserve Tickets to Shakesploration Day: Journey’s End

Reserve Tickets to Journey’s End (11 A.M. Performance Only)

Friday October 25, 2019 Julius Caesar FULL LENGTH performance and Acting Workshop

Reserve Tickets to Shakesploration Day: Julius Caesar

Reserve Tickets to Julius Caesar (11 A.M. Performance Only)

Friday February 14, 2020 R&J: 60 performance and Acting workshop

Reserve Tickets to Shakesploration Day: R&J: 60

Reserve Tickets to R&J: 60 (11 A.M. Performance Only)

Friday, March 20, 2020 Macbeth: 60 Performance and Acting Workshop

Reserve Tickets for Shakesploration Day: Macbeth: 60

Reserve Tickets to Macbeth: 60 (11 A.M. Performance Only)

Friday April 10, 2020 Midsummer, Junior! Performance and Shakespeare Says! workshop

Reserve Tickets to Shakesploration Day: Midsummer, Junior!

Reserve Tickets to Midsummer, Junior! (11 A.M. Performance Only)

Shakesploration Days prices are $15 per student and $10 per adult.
No Shakesploration Day workshop will exceed fifty students.

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Shakespeare Superheroes: Homeschool Edition

Shakespeare Superheroes (Ages 7-15)

Shakespeare Superheroes is designed to introduce students to the language, stories, characters and ideas in Shakespeare’s plays in imaginative and playful ways. Superheroes are introduced to theater, imagination skills, public speaking, creative play and the literature that they will study in three of four years of high school. Camp activities specifically geared for young actors incorporating voice, movement, and acting enable students to explore Shakespeare’s text emotionally, physically, and intellectually. Daily recess, arts and crafts activities and a Friday Pizza Party are all part of Superheroes camps for a well-rounded experience.

October 7-11, 2019
King Lear 9:00 AM – 2 PM daily.
Register here.

March 23-27, 2020
Much Ado About Nothing 9:00 AM – 2 PM daily.
Register here.

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Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is a Playshop in Performance?

Playshop in Performance (PIPs for short) is the name for our most popular interactive workshop. PIPs provide students with a chance to mount their very own mini-production of a single Shakespeare play in just under an hour! Members of our professional acting company lead small groups to interpret and explore classic Shakespeare scenes and language, encouraging student-generated ideas and collaboration.

2. What time does a Shakesploration Day start? How long does it last?

Shakesploration Days begin with a Playshop in Performance at 9:00 a.m., followed by an hour-long touring production performance at 11:00 a.m.  Guided tours of the theatre begin at 12:00 p.m. Shakesploration Days end by 12:30 p.m.

3. How early can our group arrive?

The front doors are unlocked for admittance to our lobby and theatre 30 minutes before the first scheduled event.

4. Where can we park?

We recommend parking across the street at Emory Midtown Hospital.

5. Are there refreshments and souvenirs available?

Snacks and souvenirs are available for purchase in between the workshop and performance.

6. My children are different ages; will they be able to stay together during the activities?

For the benefit of everyone involved, all students ages four to six will participate in a workshop specially designed for a younger age group called Shakespeare Says! They will only spend about a half hour in a different space from the older students before all students come together to perform for one another.

7. Do parents and chaperones have to participate in the workshop?

Parents and chaperones do not have to participate in the workshops. We do ask, however, that parents and chaperones stay in the room while the interactive workshops and performances are in progress. All parents and chaperones will need to purchase a ticket for the performance portion of the day.